jv-volleyball-copyPhoto courtesy of LaPorte Studio

JV Volleyball – Coach:  Lynn Britton

Date Opponent Loc & Time Win/Loss
Sep 08 Bark River  HS H  5:00 P  L
Sep 13 Superior Central H  5:30 P  L
Sep 15 North Dickinson H  5:30 P  L
Sep 20 Mid Peninsula A  5:00 P  L
Sep 22 Rapid River HS A  5:00 P  L
Sep 27 Big Bay de Noc HS H  5:00 P  L
Oct 04 CFFP HS H  5:30 P  L
Oct 06 North Dickinson A  5:30 P  L
Oct 10 Munising P.S. A  5:00 P  L
Oct 11 Stephenson HS A 5:00 P  L
Oct 13 Carney-Nadeau HS A 5:00 P W
Oct 17 Bark River Harris A 5:00 P  L
Oct 18 Big Bay de Noc HS A  5:00 P  L
Oct 25 Carney-Nadeau H 5:00 P
Oct 27 Rapid River H 5:00 P


Ms. Lynn Britton joins the coaching staff of North Central as JV Volleyball coach.  What they lack in numbers, they make up for in enthusiasm!